Zorin Dual Boot on a MacBook Pro Problems

I successfully installed Zorin 16.3 on my old MacBook Pro (2012). For a while, it seemed I could toggle between Zorin and the Mac just fine. However, recently I tried to access the Mac OS and found that it lost OS image and wouldn't boot up. I tried to restore with Disk Utility. Unfortunately, I didn't keep a Time Machine backup of the system. So I tried to restore from the web, but that didn't work either because it said certain components couldn't be found. Then I tried to erase with Disk Utility, and found that I now can't into Zorin as well. I'll probably have to reinstall Zorin from a USB. I don't know if I can ever restore the Mac OS paritition. I don't really need the Mac OS, but certain things like iMovie and other graphic software were nice. Any suggestions?

Thanks. That's how I did it the first time. I had MacOS on there already. Then I partitioned the hard drive and put Zorin OS on the second partition. I took a timeshift backup. However, I did something to damage the Zorin installation, I couldn't get to the backup. I guess my first problem is to see if I can get the Mac OS reinstalled. If I can't then I'll make the whole laptop Zorin.

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