Zorin during start doesn't show it's logo

FIRST OF ALL, WHAT A LOVELY OS, props to every person involved in this :smiley:
Well, Everything works flawless but my sister is not really a techie, so... she's scared when zorin starts, and shows a bunch of things, "SGX disabled by BIOS" and then a bunch of terminal things, and then it starts (it starts really quickly btw)

Umm, is there a way to just make the startup look "better" for newbies :slight_smile:
I am not a pro in linux so ... haha

You can enable SGX from the BIOS. And then check if any logs appearing during the boot process or not.

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If booting from an ssd, it may boot so fast that the Plymouth splash screen does not have time to load and show.
Since I switched to ssd, this has been the case for me; I no longer see the plymouth loading screen. :expressionless:
...speedy little sucker...

You can adjust grub to only show important messages:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Change this line to
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash loglevel=3"

tap ctl+o to overwrite, then enter to save current configuration, then tap ctl+x to exit the editor. Now, you must run sudo update-grub for the changes to take effect.

Lastly, not being a techie is no inhibition to one adjusting their comfort levels. Nothing is as empowering as learning and a person does not need to be in the tech industry to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the systems that they use.
Knowledge is often easy to obtain and is the defining difference that turns fears and problems into solutions.
The best way to challenge these fears is to not assume a level of incompetence of the non-techie person but to instead show a lot of encouragement and support. The more you show that you believe in them and their capabilities, the more they will too.
They will find that they are more capable and more fearless than they thought.
I witness this first hand on this forum constantly; where a member will flinch at the terminal or at compiling from source at first and ask for "an easier way" and within a week, are downloading tarballs and flinging commands in the terminal like a wizard.

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Lol, thanks for telling! Hope you have a great day!