Zorin - First class OS

A newbie to Linux. I tried to change before from Windows to Linux but it seemed to not be worth the effort. However Zorin OS 16 Pro is first class . No more Windows for me.


Hi PaulW welcome to the forum. I am glad you found a working distro by your needs. May I ask when you tried to change before ?


@PaulW Can you edit your forum profile to indicate you have ZorinOS "Pro".
That will save us having to ask you each time if and when you ask questions here in the furture.
Glad you are enjoying your final escape from Windows. :smiley:


I was tired of Windows invasive nature, the constant failure of updates to run properly leading me to restore and check systems. The earlier Linux OS's were problematic viz installing apps and programs and just the overall feel and look was dated compared to Windows. That has changed enormously and Zorin OS 16 Pro is leading the change.

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