Zorin for Beginners

Here this a man sayed why Zorin is for beginners in 35 min.

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Hey Bourne!
This post is the 1000th one in this category. Wow!

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I liked this guy how he precise explaining linux things.
One what i liked with criticism on Zorin only Pro is with buying but no a complain about this linux distribution version.
Then this is one question? Zorin is never broken distibution and don't have problems. Ok it have some problems sometimes with hardware, but another sides what i know all developers cannot testing all hardware if is compatibility with all type motherboard,gpu and pocessors etc. Why? Because a corporation building a components and drives for them purpouse and ecosystem. Example we have apple - they building some components hardware what they are compatibility with them operating system.
Propably my keyboard have a problem sometimes with "r" sometimes when push the button. Sorry for my broken a keyboard. xD


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