Zorin forum chrome app

lol i just noticed that zorin forum have a chrome app :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you can create chrome apps of any website.


No, you can't. I know apps for this websites: YouTube, Zorin forum (what a surprise!), Reddit.

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See a niche, fill a niche, I guess.
I had to look up what a Chrome Web App is...

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It's like... you know, clicking this button on certain websites:

Then this website will be downloaded as another app, and will be saved in there:

Now you will be able to open this websites as apps. On the example of YouTube it will look like this:

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Will that work on almost any Chrome-based browser? May be a convenient addition and promotion of Zorin OS for users of Chrome-based browsers. Which makes sense.
Some Zorin OS users use Ms Edge browser.

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I don't know if it work on else chrome-based browsers.
P.S.: wow ms edge is on linux too :open_mouth:

You can make a Chrome app for any site. This also lets you put a shortcut, with icon, on the taskbar or desktop. See:

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