Zorin Forum website no longer functions on Waterfox

Not sure if this is the forum subsection for this, but I don't know where else to place it. If the mods need to delete or move this post, please feel free to do so.

The forums are no longer visibly interactive on either Waterfox Current or Classic. I already had to use Classic, since for some reason on Current, you can only view posts, but not log in (the GUI looks different too). Today, I booted up classic, only to find a message stating that my browser was no longer supported (Waterfox is a Firefox Fork). I updated Classic, but got the same response. Funnily enough, blocking Javascript from the site gives me the same view as Current, but unblocking Javascript on both Current and Classic gives me the "browser no longer supported" message.

I'm currently typing this from Firefox, which I don't really want to use. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the forums working on Waterfox again?

The developer and maintainer of Waterfox sold the browser to a Merketing analytics and research company. In other words... a target market advertiser who loves to gather personal data to sell it.
One option may be for you to consider an alternative to Waterfox.

As far as your current issue, the Zorin Forum uses a variety of essential tools for Discourse Software, including javascript and many other scripts. If any of those scripts are unable to function or are blocked by your browser, you can have difficulties accessing or viewing the forum.
You may check what Browser Extensions you have added and enabled, if any block scripts.


I was using the app yesterday on smartphone and got read only in afternoon but sorted in p.m. Might have been a server overheat or migration to a new server. Try flashpeak slimjet as a better alternative to Waterfox.

Was it mobile app?
The forum was down briefly for site maintenance yesterday...

Be aware Slimjet is way behind on Chromium,their current build runs on 101 while the latest is 103,there has been a lot of high security fixes inbetween those versions.

Sorry for the pause - real life stuff.

Aravision, I've fiddled with the addon scripts all sorts of ways, but all that does is make the site less usable - Considering it still works on Firefox, I think it's the browser that's the problem now.

Slimjet looks interesting, but there's not enough review material readily available on it, so I think I'll pass - sorry, swarfendor437. Thanks though!

Personally, I wanted to make Pale Moon work, but right off the bat, the site says it isn't compatable. Might be the initial settings, but I'm going to check again, as well for another browser. Any suggestions? Looking for either a Firefox fork, or a indie one with review.

Posting my own solution for the record:

Apparently, this is likely a browser issue. Something about older browsers and certain forks makes the site not want to work (heck if I know why, though). Only real solution is to try an alternative browser, like Firefox.

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