Zorin freezes after 10 min of video (youtube,netflix,cos.tv...)

Hello, I installed zorin os core about a week ago (it's the first time I'm using Linux) and I was really enjoying it, but then I turned on my notebook and a message came up from Software Updater saying that there were updates. It was the third time that Software Updater message appeared and like the last time I clicked on update but this time it said that I need to restart my notebook and so I did, since then every time I start any video (youtube,netflix,odysee...) it doesn't take 10 minutes that the image stops, the last 2 seconds of audio start to repeat, the mouse and the keyboard commands stop working and my only option is press the off button to restart.

What can I do?

Possible Problems

  1. System has wrong video drivers (are you using nividia?)
  2. The way your streaming browser was installed ex:- chrome, brave etc (via software store or snap or apt)
  3. Update to Wrong Version/Driver.
  1. yes, i am using nvidia.
  2. I have two browser: ungoogled-chormium (installed via github but supported by the zorin app store) and the standard firefox and incredibly the one that gives this problem the most is the standard firefox.
    3.How do i Update that.

Check and Install the Driver Recommended for Your Card

Also, I recommend Switching Firefox with Brave or Chrome via terminal


Google wouldn't be happy about using Firefox to watch Youtube.

OK, then i gonna use ungoogled-chormiun to watch Youtube.
I am sure that Sundar Pichai would be realy happy.

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Sorry, but what hell is Production Branch and New Feature Branch?
which i need install?

For simplicity - Can i recommend that you open Software & Updates from the app menu. You can open the app menu from the taskbar (Panel) and type software and it will offer it up in the list.
Once open, move to the Additional Drivers tab.
Look to see which Nvidia driver you are currently using.
If using Nouveau (Open Source) try switching to the latest 510 or above Proprietary Tested Nvidia driver.

Reboot and test...
If You do not see these listed, open terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and run

sudo ubuntu-drivers install

Then open Software and Updates, Additional drivers and check.

If these do not work, then please follow @anon6471198 's posts on how to install directly from Nvidia.

(Sorry for the edit- the post submitted while I was typing it. :stuck_out_tongue: )


GeForce then the number closest to your Graphic Card Series

For ex:-

GeForce GTX 400

will be,

Product Type = GeForce
Product Series = GeForce 400 Series
Product = GeForce GTX 400
OS = Linux


yep, I used this sudo ubuntu-drivers install and apart from the fact that the terminal asked me for my password 3 times it was all right and now the software and updates is showing an nvidia drive and no longer a "manual drive" I will see if it will be okay but apparently yes.

I just have one more question should I keep updating my system with the update software? I know that if I don't update the system can have security holes but if I update it will bug the nvidia card and I will need to do this every time?
thank you in advance.

No, it should not.
Regular updates are good - Zorin OS will pop up a notification window alerting you to upgrades that you leave unattended for too long.

I prefer to run it in terminal on occasion, but this is partly because I develop some things I upload for install - so I like to test if my stuff is working and available.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

It's fine if you do this once a week, but also fine if you relax on that and let the system alert you.

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Thank you very much, I didn't expect to get help so quickly, I've been looking at the other forum posts and I'm sure that you both have already saved some people from heart/panik attacks. lol

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