Zorin freezes from time to time

Brave is based on Chromium (like Chrome, Edge, Arc...), so if Chrome has a problem with hardware acceleration, Brave probably haves it too. So turning off the hardware acceleration could probably fix the problem.

No, it did not.

Oh thats sad :pensive:
If hardware acceleration was not the problem, i have no idea what it is.

I wish happy Testings!

I can add my experience about Zorin freezing. Firstly Zorin was freezing in-game (Steam, Proton), in the moment game writes to disk, picture freezes, sound continues. After several game/steam/?zorin? updates that stop happening. Other users had that problem too: Zorin-Os freezees while playing and or trying to load something in game - #3 by Aravisian
Than I had freezing in browser, trying to watch a video. Browser was LibreFox. I moved all 150 opened tabs to Firefox (thinking that FF has the best system integration and maintained updates) and so far so good, but I'm thinking it's related to video driver, I'm using NVidia's.

Maybe these 150 open Tabs could be a Point, too.

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I see many reports of Zorin 17 freezing on this forum. I thought it was due to Wayland, but some people say it happens with X as well. This is not a good sign and needs to be addressed.

However, 150 tabs would use up RAM in most environments...

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Yes, that was my thought too when I ran into the freeze issue and started researching here.

It might, however, be a combination of factors. In my case it could be that it really is the instability of the Brave flatpak, as indicated by Brave itself — quote give above. My testing will hopefully tell.

If that is the case, then Zorin's software center should not offer the Brave flatpak as a possibility to install Brave.

In any case, it seems clear that the Zorin team need to do a thorough review of the stability issue and make sure external factors are excluded, while internal factors, if there really are any, need to be ironed out.

The freeze happened again, this time with a specific webpage.

So, this is with the .deb version and graphics acceleration turned ON.

I will turn it OFF, continue testing, and report back.

An interesting tidbit: for comparison with another Chromium-based browser, I installed Opera a few days ago, the flatpak version and graphics acceleration ON, and have so far had no freeze problems with any of the pages Brave could not cope with, incl. the last page, Redacted. I will also continue testing Opera.

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I just went through another freeze while editing a file in VS Codium. Luckily, after a few minutes the system unfroze itself so I could continue working. However, this is becoming annoying, and it is beginning to look like it is a bug in Zorin.

Don't people use bookmarks anymore?
Running a browser with a large number of tabs left open is (IMO) a waste of resource.


I often have numerous things open, as I am a developer and business owner. When working, I often have a browser open running YouTube for background music, etc. I also have used Codium heavily on the dev side. I am currently running on an older Dell XPS 15 and have yet to have any freezes since the first week of use. The main things I did, based on research, were...

  1. Disable power saving on Wi-Fi
  2. Set Power Profile to Performance
  3. Disabled IPV6

Since then, no issues at all, despite sometimes having 10+ apps open at the same time with media playing.

Thanks for your input.

Those are workarounds that one should not have to put up with, we should not have to accommodate Zorin.

I had a few more freezes that might well have been generated by Brave. I got fed up with it and have for 5 days (since my last comment) been using Opera with hardware acceleration disabled, and have not experienced any freezes — so far, so good.

I still don't accept that Zorin cannot seem to handle Brave as I have not come across this with any other distro nor on macOS.

Those recommendations I found were not Zorin specific, but Ubuntu. That said, I do agree.

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Well, whether it helps something or makes it more complicated :), I use brave 100% of the time and I've never had this problem.

Zorin OS 17 + NVidia + Wayland.

As a suggestion, I would recommend seeing the extensions you use on Brave.

Disable them all to see if the freeze stops occurring, and if so, selectively reactivate them.

I saw that you use KeepassXC, I also use it in conjunction with the Brave extension and I have no problem, but here I am using Wayland.

I was unaware of this autotype incompatibility with wayland, but it is a feature that I don't use.

Speaking of browser freezes, recently I had some on Firefox (the default flat of Core 17.1), it seemed happening after using writing fields for long times. In fact when it happened again I was on a Gmail draft from about maybe half an hour, then Firefox froze and had to force-close it. It was similar to the previous sessions in which I mostly wrote and in fact the first time it froze right while writing. I'd like to know if someone else had this issue with Firefox, and additional details of personal cases, too.

Thank you for your suggestion. TBH, I am not prepared to have all my extensions disabled for 2, 3 or 4 weeks to see if the freeze recurs, then re-enable 1 for the next 2, 3 or 4 weeks, etc.

A number of comments on this page and in other threads show that Zorin has a freeze problem, and has had it for a number of years.

I now want to find an acceptable alternative for Brave because I cannot face yet another distro switch, and I do find Zorin a pleasant one.

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I just went through another freeze. Opera browser had some trouble downloading a page but eventually managed it.

I then switched to Thunderbird, which dimmed and a message popped up telling me Thunderbird "got stuck" (cannot remember the exact words) and gave me the choice to force quit or wait. Before I could react the dimming stopped, but Zorin was frozen.

This is not funny anymore.

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sorry i don't have a solution for you but i just want to chip in and comment ,that i had numerous distros before Zorin, and all of them started freezing after some time.
Zorin the only 1 that haven't acted up after months of use ...
Guess my point is i doubt it's Zorin, it's propably something with your setup/hardware blah blah blah ...to pinpoint it is a mission i suppose. (haven't read through the responses lol )

Yes, it is happening more frequently now, which is why is stated "this is not funny anymore".

No, I did not have a browser video running at the time. Another thing is that I now think it is not Brave because running Opera it also happened, even if I find Opera running smoother than Brave.

I had the freeze while in VS Codium, Thunderbird, ....

Your Lenovo and your HP are 1 year younger than mine, an Ideapad 330 I bought in 2019.