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I was wondering if Zorin Grid ist still in the Pipeline or did Zorin give up on it? The only thing about it you find ist the page about grid and a blogpost from Jan 2020 stating that it will be released "this year".

I am a software developer myself, so I know deadlines in software can be tricky, that is why I try to avoid such anouncements or giving a date. But if I did give out a timeline or a date and things change I usually comminucate this to clients. But since there has nothing else been communicated I asume Grid will be DB4A?

I would love to see something like this and there have been many attempts at such a thing (Canonical, Fedora, but also non distro specific attempts). I am currently using Fedora with Cockpit and a set of plugins, which give me this functionality. But recently I want to switch my systems to zorin os because Zorin Os is just awesome! :slight_smile:

So what is the state? Would it maybe be a good idea to take 15 Minutes to write a small Blogpost to avoid users always asking about it?

I am so very impressed by Zorin OS that I can not wait to see what will be done with Grid if it ever arrives (which I very much hope so)

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Classically, the zorin team do not release active project updates on the site. And the only time they post a blog, is to announce when their latest project has been finished. I know this seems quite unorthodox, but the Zorin team consists of only 2 people.

And that number has not changed since 2008 when it all started. So ya, while that would be nice and all, don't get your hopes up. When it comes to the Zorins, this is just their way.

This is a Good suggestion.

The last I heard, Zorin Grid is still in the works. However, in the interim, many demands on the ZorinGroup have resulted in making choices to shift priorities.
Two High Demand items are "Direct Upgrade" and "Zorin Grid."
The ZorinGroup, while also developing Zorin OS 16 (Core, Pro, Lite, Education) decided to put the Priority Focus on the highest demand ticket: Zorin Direct Upgrade.

The more users volunteer their time here on the forum helping each other; the more time the two people that make up the ZorinGroup can devote toward development projects; turning Zorin OS to a true Community Based System.
The best ways users can achieve their goals with Zorin OS is to join in aside from choosing Zorin OS Pro.
Tagging @AZorin and @zorink to view the comments made in this thread and mull over their meaning.

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The Zorin's may not say much to anyone, but we have seen our voices heard by the improvements and changes implemented from 15 to 16. This is encouraging, though so would be some word, because it shows that the Zorin's hear and consider all of the features requested. Continued, detailed, requests from multiple users will most likely find their way into an update or the next version of Zorin OS.


This is very true; including ideas and feedback that I thought were minimal and had fallen by the wayside.

Only two people? Wow very impressive what those 2 developers have put out! I guess that explains it, but never the less it would be nice to communicate a little more ... Especially when things get delayed.

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Yes really, only two people. And its been that way since it all began back in 2008. The project began as a way to pay their student loans to see them through collage. I bet even the Zorin bro's themselves were very surprised how popular Zorin OS got.

Its probably the real reason that kept them making more versions of the OS. Millions of downloads of the OS have happened over the years, and millions use the OS as well.


And I still keep thinking if they are still sleeping.


I am in the same time zone as Ireland.
I should be sleeping at this time but I am up...


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