Zorin GTK theme for Flatpak applications

Hello Zorin OS team and users!

First of all, I apologize if this post is in the wrong category. This is my first time posting here!

I’m a huge fan of all the work that has gone into the Zorin Desktop Theme. I haven’t seen anything like it! I would like to suggest uploading your themes to Flathub, so more applications on the Zorin OS desktop will appear consistent.

Unfortunately, due to the sandbox nature of flatpaks, some applications use the Adwaita theme, which looks… to put blunt, hideous mixed in with the slick, stylish native applications that use the Zorin GTK theme. The only way for flatpaks to support themes properly is to package them in a flatpak repository. I believe that Flathub would be the most ideal place, since others that use the Zorin theme on their distros can still enjoy a consistent desktop, and not have to mess with multiple repos.

Other distributions, such as Elementary OS, Ubuntu, and Solus, have their default themes available in the Flathub repository. It would make sense for Zorin OS to follow along.

Is it possible that we could expect this in the future?