Zorin has potential but like all other Distros of Linux, lacks

Yesterday I installed Zorin OS 16 and I am speaking for many in society that try to change their operating system from Microsoft or Apple to a Linux distro such as Ubuntu or now Zorin OS 16.
Unfortunately, if you work from home or are a gamer, many software and hardware peripherals do not work with Linux.

  • Opera GX simply doesn't work with Linux inl Ubuntu or Zorin
  • Dual monitor displays are nowhere as easy to set up as Microsoft and I have had problems from the start with my external 4k Asus 31" monitor not displaying the screen from my Razer Blade 15" advanced.
  • Razer synapse doesn't work on Linux

Now for me, this is a major issue because Linux is NOT new, it has been around for decades and in fact, Microsoft and Apple run from a Linux Kernal and on the same Unix system as Linux. The community is poor also because there are far too many people who have no idea what they are talking about by simply searching (I use the term search as I no longer use Google, I now use Yandex) for answers to help people on forums. Please don't, some of you actually make things harder.
In my humble opinion having now been forced to revert back to Microsoft as so many do, I would suggest that Zorin becomes a closed-source operating system with a FREE core offering for the Linux enthusiast, because this OS has massive potential but until this OS becomes serious and compatible as now even Google OS has become, then people are FORCED to stay with American big tech.

I work with Proton AG and Yandex NV and I would be very interested in purchasing shares or even buying this OS to make a European version of Microsoft born and bred in Europe.

This should be in the feedback category, not general help

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Please review this thread:

I understand your points have merit. However, this is a community forum populated by many people that helpfully volunteer their time to assist others.
There is no person, on this planet, that does not need to refer to the literature once in a while. Linus Torvalds is quite adept, but has expressed utter confusion about how to make things work in Gnome and even KDE.
Because we are all human.

I certainly understand your frustration that your monitor is not being properly detected. However, that thread is currently in its infancy and we have not even determined if that is a Linux issue directly or not.
While Linux, as a whole, only accounts for about 2% of the Operating System Market, Apple closer to 12% and Windows Dominates it... Really any speculation about seriously competing with Windows pales in light of those Statistics.
MacOS is quite solid, if a bit annoying, well supported and well developed and is a two trillion dollar company.
And it cannot make a sizable dent in Windows Dominance.

And the reason why this is, is pretty clear. People like to stick with what they know.
When Google rushed in as First on the market for the Smart Phone operating system with Android, anyone that followed suit floundered - even Microsoft. It's not so easy to get a Windows Phone, these days.
And eBay was first on the market for Online Auctions and no competitor has ever been able to cut in. The buyers go to the main source of where the sellers are. The sellers go to where the buyers are.
And while I can search the web and find countless cases of other users having trouble getting their monitor detected on Windows, it is all too common that be forgotten once a person has that trouble on Linux.

This forum is not the proper place to discuss the possibility of monetizing Zorin OS, nor of suggesting on a FOSS Forum that it be made closed Source. This is liable to create some very earnest discussion indeed.
A.K.A. Brawl.
For this, I can only suggest you contact the ZorinGroup directly and offer your suggestions.
Zorin OS is a great stepping stone for motivated individuals that truly wish to learn and unlock their computing potential, rather than remain dependent on Microsoft care and support.
For this reason, the troubleshooter aims to solve Problems, not feel forced into falling back.

Thread moved to Feedback Forum.


It is worth noting that there are inaccuracies in this statement. The Windows NT kernel is nothing like the Linux kernel. And while MS Windows does incorporate some BSD code, it is not developed from Unix, nor Unix-like. By pretty much any definition, really.

The issue of Drivers is relevant, though. And however new or old an Operating System (that the user interacts with) is not as relevant as the changes made in hardware OS's and the drivers needed to communicate with them. Drivers are a case of Constant Development.


I'm 75 years old and have moved from Windows to Zorin, I do not miss anything from windows, my games run on "proton" just fine, I can not argue the finer points as I do not have the experience, but feel I must sing the praises of "Zorin" any one thinking of moving from Windows to Linux can not go wrong with Zorin. :innocent:


Many threads on this forum cover some of the rather phenomenal help provided by @Storm and @Michel on Linux gaming.

For Synapse:

There may be viable options for it.
I had to look that up on the web... I have never used Razor Synapse.


Original post is by maccabbeo on the old ZorinGroup Forum, quoted here by

Hi to all.
Yes, I'm leaving Zorin and I wish I could share my feelings with you in order to get the project better. In short:

1) It has been announced to be easy to use for people that are new to the Linux world, alternative to Windows.
2) I was tired of Ubuntu (too many commercials and mostly I hate Unity) and I have been disappointed by Kubuntu and Linux Mint as well

1) Since it is not stable (talking about AWN, talking about the FILE fork of Nautilus, talking about the window manager, ...)
2) Since there's not enough support, mostly relying on just a couple of always-the-same holy and helpful users
3) Since it is not 100% customizable (for example: cannot add new themes to the theme changer. Maybe there's a way to do it, but I did not find it despite I'm Gnu/Linux user since 2006)
4) I've been unable to install a Brother and a Canon printer

More in detail, we cannot say Zorin is an alternative to Windows as long as it only has just some look-and-feel reminding Windows. It cannot be an alternative to Windows as long as you experience troubles and solutions which has nothing to do with the Windows world. Of course you may tell "Windows is Windows, Zorin is Zorin (or Linux is Linux)": one reason more not to tell Zorin is "similar" to Windows. What can a Windows user do when experiencing typical distribution upgrade troubles with Ubuntu based distros? And what when experiencing continous AWN crashes? And what when the window manager fails? How can a Windows user feel at home with such new troubles? No way. Of course, changing OS implies the above, but again we cannot tell Zorin is a good place to start compared to Linux Mint and maybe others.
As for support, this is the worst pity in my opinion. The fact that I spent several posts and several google searches in order to understand the differences among the several Zorin releases explains the situation very well. The situation is confirmed when you get into real troubles: if the 2 holy guys of above have no solution/suggestion then you are definitively lost and stuck with your troubles.
i also know that many of the above problems are not strictly related to Zorin, such as Awn crashes. But it is do related to Zorin the choice of having AWN installed by default! I mean: do you want to build a "stable" system? Then do not rely on buggy applications just because they are shiny.

So, I wrote this post just to share my own experience and hope it helps making Zorin better and better.
I want to say thank you for you work and for your support during my stay here while experiencing Zorin. I've been installing it on pc others than mine spreading Zorin to other people. I will suspend this Zorin-spreading activity as I did it with Ubuntu but I will be surely be spreading it back as soon as I feel Zorin will become more stable.

Well, I think it is time for me to move from Ubuntu based distros to some different ones. Any suggestion, please?

Link to the post in question that @TronGold is referencing:

@TronGold ...

You will notice that the thread you started that contained further obscenities has been removed.
Further infractions can result in loss of posting privileges - Ban.

Abusive behavior Simply Will Not Be Tolerated Here.

This is a community forum that derives its support from helpful people. Abuse such as you have swiftly dealt out would easily result in a low membership and low help to post ratio.

However, you do have a solution available. As you note, Windows fully supports your hardware and provides staff that are paid to address your... commentary.

Keep this thread Civil... even as you are currently under review.


I'm a beginner in Linux and I have used zorin lite for 4 mouths until now, honestly , I have learned a lot from that forum. people here are very helpful and so friendly. they were answering for all my questions, they make me love Linux, and I became Linux user now.
I'm so sad for see abusing to so helpful and respectful people in here.
most of us have used windows, or still use windows beside Linux and in the same time we use android , and may others use mac besides that for certain work. companies do the same thing, Microsoft use Linux servers in their work, Microsoft recently support users to try Linux in windows. and Linux try support users to use windows app via wine and others. you can use what is working good at your job. I'm so sad, all about respect.


I work from home and run 3 different businesses all while using Zorin as my daily driver. So actually it can be done and does work for people working from home.

As I don't game, I won't even get into that because I could not care any less.

I have a Brother, a MFC L-3750CDW, I went over to Brother, downloaded the drivers, installed them and mine works just fine. In point of fact I did all that in less time than it does in Windows to install. The only thing better is the Brother Utilities in Windows, but that is not a Linux fault that's a Brother fault for not having it for Linux.

Well, I've seen your other posting..... And yes there are quite a few that come on to various Linux forums who post not knowing what they're talking about.... :roll_eyes:

I'm really not sure what it is you're even saying here, nor how to respond.

BTW, Windows has a look and feel of KDE, that's who they stole features from years ago.

Many of the issues I see here are PEBCAK issues, and could have easily been dealt with.

Windows has zero help for people on home edition and even Pro edition you have to pay for it. But you're here demanding a Linux distro provide you free support.. Whenever I see this, I am mind blown by the sheer disconnect.

They're explained right on the Zorin website, I didn't need to google or ask anyone as I understood clearly the differences just by reading the website. So I'm at a loss, where were you looking?

I would suggest maybe going back to Windows as you stated you were doing, and I say that after seeing how you responded in your other post and this one. I don't think I could subject another distro to this type of behavior in good conscience.

I rarely have to ask questions, because I usually search and follow one thing after another until something works to fix a problem. But I've also not had any problems on Zorin either.... But if I do ask, I 99.9% get someone to help me just fine.

"Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it." - Albus Dumbledore


I have only been using ZorinOS for about two years. It's my everyday driver, handling vscode, Firefox, slack and zoom without issue. It took some time to become familiar and comfortable with the differences. I don't hate windows, i dislike the company that insists on invading your privacy in order to run their OS.

Anyone starting out should find comfort in their browser and search engine, because there will be things that they don't know how to do. The ones helping in the forum may provide links they found helpful or to provide examples of how to do something, instead of writing it out themselves, because time is a commodity, shared freely here, and not reattainable. This also allows everyone to learn and grow (as a community and individually). Microsoft and Mac would both have you paying for it. Be glad there is someone to assist (hold your hand). It's amazing that people find this OS and Forum by a search, but it somehow seems difficult and extra work (if even considered) to search their issues, expecting answers for their setup that the person they are asking has no knowledge or (possibly)
experience with.

We do our best, when we have time, to assist everyone that asks for it. It may be by a search, or experience.... possibly both. This doesn't diminish the desire to help, or that we are mostly shooting in the dark due to generic requests with little info that has to be pried from the user (help, my dual screen setup isn't recognized... says everything i need to assist). This is partly Microsoft's fault, because people complain to support, support asks for remote control and the user just gives it to them. We don't ask for that, instead requesting the user to share information in order to find a solution. You can't tell me you've worked with every possibly combination of hardware compatible with your computer?!

Due to the many possible configurations a computer could have, it's a wonder that any OS not made by a huge company, able to spend millions to ensure hardware works, has as little issue as Zorin does. Sure, there are things being added constantly. You can't get the latest and greatest expecting someone to have already reverse engineered a driver, when the manufacturer doesn't see the point in making a driver. It's improving, but many manufacturers don't see the point in pleasing 2% of the consumer market. You may not either if you had the choice.

Solutions become available for Linux daily, for many different issues. This is no fault of the OS nor this forum. It is the nature of Linux because it is based on volunteer support and development. Stating that you searched everywhere and couldn't find a solution just tells me you couldn't find one in the two minutes you alloted for the resolution. I've spent weeks trying to get things working correctly in the past... it's all in relation to the time and effort your willing to expend.

Everything you mention being wrong with the OS is resolvable, if you are invested in finding the solution, and not an issue of the OS.


I edited the post made by @TronGold in order to better clarify the post.
This post quotes a post made by username maccabbeo in 2014 on the old forum, now archived.
Beginning at "More in detail, we cannot say Zorin is an alternative to Windows": These are not TronGold's words, but maccabbeo's. It may be the TronGold agreed with certain sentiments, but the intent of the quote is not spelled out.
The line "I've been unable to install a Brother and a Canon printer" is also maccabbeo's, from 2014.

The rest is TronGold's words, quoted directly from this thread:

And that Mr 337harvey is the best answer I have heard yet on the Windows OS and one I totally and whole heartily agree with ....

I dual boot with a stripped down version of Win 10 and have Win 7 Home Premium installed on another laptop to play my games on .... why .... because I have approx 3TB's of games already stored on DVD's and external HD's and I'm not willing to buy them again from Steam especially at their prices .... they wanted $30 for Far Cry 3 I only paid $40 when I bought it 10 years ago .

I am looking a GOG if I can figure out how to get it to work as I bought it from them for something like $4 but I can't install it ...

By the way I'm 76 and a LOOOOONG time Windows user .... but even with 2 other Win OS's Zorin is still my daily driver ....


I also am running a Brother printer and when a problem developed after a couple of months a member on here gave me a solution to solve it .... so there is HELP available IF you want it .... but you have to ask ....

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Is going closed-source even legal? I'm pretty sure GPL doesn't allow it. I'm not very good with these licenses but even tho it's legal I don't think anyone would want a Linux Distro to be closed-source. How will going close source even help?


Red Hat have done it, (closed source) but that is server side to be fair, and now owned by IBM.
TronGold made a fatal flaw of quoting a post from the old forum - yes there were issues with the AWN Panel because it was limited as to what could be done with it and it was not developed by Team Zorin - they had to use what was available at the time. I have used Zorin from version 4, then 5, then 6, then 7, then 8, then 9, then 10, then 11, then 12 and finally 15.3. It had always done what I wanted it to do. The OP fails to note that hardware is not built for GNU/Linux but for the mass market garnered by M$ - no hardware developer is going to waste development time for a free OS! A lot of hardware drivers, such as DVD-ROMs had to be backward engineered by a 16-year-old who was put under house arrest for breach of IP rights (Intellectual Property) of DVD manufacturers!


So I have noticed some points that don't make sense in my opinion, now don't get me wrong I am not trying to spread hate nor forcing you into Zorin.

I agree with you on this one dual monitor setup sucks, there are some easy fixes though if you ask the community or simply search the web, but I don't agree with you on the fact you are comparing Linux with Windows, it is like comparing macOS with Chrome OS. Linux is no where near Windows neither it will ever be Windows, it is a fairly an operating system that got its attention over the last decades and is targeted for everyone who wants to learn, do or experience new things.

This community is not a tech support, if you want that then you have to pay about $43 to support them and get extra features since not everything is free in our world. By the way communities are actually donating their time to help us since they are not obliged to help us neither they are even getting payed for it, there may be some people who actually don't know what they are talking about but the mods check that and they correct them if something is off, so there is no reason to complain about a community that's trying to help and not serve

Everyone has their opinions of course, I am not trying to say that your opinion is unreasonable or stupid and it is true that some find Linux complicated but as I mentioned it is a totally different OS than Windows or macOS and you got to have a mindset that is willing to learn like most of us who have learnt Windows and passed it into the next generation. Although Zorin respects privacy and it is a reason why Zorin is open-source as they say in their website

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. That's why
Zorin OS doesn't collect personal data, so advertisers and governments can't spy on your activity. Zorin OS is Open Source, so anyone can audit its source code to verify its privacy.

This OS IS serious, it is not a hobby as it used to be, there are adults actually working for ZorinOS so I don't think they are playing around

Again, I'm not spreading hate nor I'm forcing you to use Zorin, everyone has their opinions on things and that's just my opinion, hope all the best to you:)


Wow thought I was the oldest on here, you beat me by a year, and like you "Zorin" is my main OS, in fact I have only got "Zorin" cheers.


FrenchPress once mentioned that there was a gentleman on here that is in his 80's .... so we both have a ways to go yet ..... :+1: :grinning:


For what it's worth, I am 86, and have been using Zorin since Z-5. First as dual boot, then Zorin alone since Z-9. I prefer XFCE to Gnome, but I have proved to myself that the big 'WIN' can be replaced fairly easily by buying 'Pro' or its predecessors, then following instructions (over the years I have had some very helpful advice from the Zorin Team, and they have never failed to solve the odd, perhaps simple, problems I have had).


Good for you stay safe friend. :relaxed: