Zorin has the most designed forum in linux distros

I have seen a lot of other forums for other distros, but I think zorin has the best one, it's very organized and appearance is so better than others. I don't know it has dark mode and I can mange font size or language of the interface, I discovered that in it's tab preferences-interface, that is great.


The only problem with it is, that it's not very easy to find from the main web page.


I saw some exactly the same type forum on another websides linux or another youtube channel. This is nothing new.

it's just opinions and preferences, u can like and dislike whatever u want, there r forum for other distros ,their title has the word of solved,and the solution answer is not marked,and I take a lot time to find the answer that is the solution, there r other get old appearance without options,there r others which the sub reply designed with bad idea(very small font),If u mean forum that has the typical and the same designed of zorin forum, the forum of libreoffice is typical the forum of zorin.

Yes, you can modify it yourself: GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

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i agree, you can tell they put a lot of thought into the UI. navigation is relatively simple, items well laid out and easy to get to, all while still being aesthetically pleasing. much like the distro itself imo.

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Here is example.

yes , i understand that, I don't know that is open source discussion platform and any site can use it and modify it as rumplin mention link for that.
and I also told u that libreoffice forum uses that open source too.
but my post about forums of distros. I think it is great to zorin forum to use that project , it's better in my view than other forums Linux distros.

One what I can sayed in Zorin forum is clear and "no trash". No chaos with subjects or something else.

The Zorin team seems to have people with design/art training.

The designers are the Zorin Brothers. Looking back at all previous editions of Zorin OS (I think the look of Zorin OS 6 is one of my favorites), you can see a definite natural talent, there.

And at the end of the day it's all about the technique. :wink:

as a zorin nube I sought out its forum and it was elusive and still is! once found I created a bookmark for it. without that bookmark I end up on zorins merch site with no way out! but hey, who ever said computers were easy!

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