Zorin help screen doesn't render

This is what I get when loading Zorin Help. Do i need to tweak something to get text to show or add a font?

Well it works fine in a Virtual machine must be a video driver thing!

We need some more info:

sudo apt install inxi
inxi -Ga

Thanks for reply here ya go

Try switch to Open Driver (nouveau), and see if ot helps. It might be a driver glitch as v.470 is old.

Doesn't boot when the nouvea driver is used. Beside the Nvidia driver was only updated October 23. Is there a way to make the Nouveau drivers boot without recovery?

Well mr storm was spot on Help now works with Nouvaeu driver but when I changed over I lost my boot files so had to use Boot repair from the Live DVD of 16. All seems good now.

Spoke too soon the boot freezes at the Z logo with a couple of stray lines how do I solve the boot problem?

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