Zorin Home Menu Customization

In the Zorin Home menu list where the Photos, Music, Documents etc are, is there anyway to change the order or position of each section?

I really prefer to have Photos and Videos merged into one section and the Templates and Public sections right at the bottom.

Zorin menu > System Tools > Main Menu application

You can create whatever folders and icons in each folder that you want, and arrange them however you want.

I can't find the System Tools option, where is it exactly?

Should be second to the bottom on the Zorin menu.

You can also start the menu editor by opening Terminal, and entering:

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Ok I got to move around somethings but I still can't find the option to move around my home menu list...

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You can create entire new folders and populate those folders with the shortcut icons to the applications you want (and with sub-folders). Just look at the existing icon Properties of the applications to find out what to put into the dialog box when you're creating a new shortcut.

If you want to move an icon or a folder up or down, select it, then click the Move Up or Move Down buttons at the right-hand side of the application... although, my Zorin menu is alphabetically sorted, and I can't find any way to sort it differently or rearrange it. So moving the icons and folders in the Main Menu application may have no effect upon the Zorin menu sorting.

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The right pane can seem obtrusive. I've already bought Pro but haven't installed it because it's cumbersome to do.