Zorin install hangs at "copying installation logs"

I am trying to install zorin os 15 on my computer but it hangs when it gets to “copying installation logs”. I am using a zorin install iso on a USB flash drive and putting it onto a new 512GB SSD. Everything seems to be working up to that point but then it just stops, the little working indicator (the circle with a spinning piece inside) keeps spinning but nothing happens. The first time I tried it it sat there for an hour before I gave up and rebooted the computer but that did not work. Pease help

Can you check each of the items listed here and get back to us?

The USB flash drive works OK. I can run Zorin from it. The problem is the install onto my computer’s SSD drive. I go thru all the screens and it starts to install Zorin and I see all the messages saying what it is doing. The progress bar fills up and moves across the bottom of the window until it reaches the right side then the message “copying installation logs” appears and stays there, for hours!!!.

That indicates either #1 or #2 from the list I cited. The only way to be certain that #2 is covered is to try a different flash drive. That leaves #1 where the download could be corrupted - how to verify that is also on that link.

This might not work but try this to see the installation logs and see if there’s anything more helpful in the logs.