Zorin isn't turning back on while opening laptop lid

Hello, Zorin Os doesn't turn on when I open the lid of laptop.
I use my laptop like this always in sleep mode and whenever I open my lid the screen appears in windows but it's not appearing in zorin os.

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Open settings and check to see if the ignore laptop lid switch is on.

You may also want to check startup applications for software of the same name (ignore laptop lid switch) isn't starting with the os.

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looks like I'll have to do this when my laptop shut down which I don't have any way to do. Looks like I have to wait till power drains rip


Search: "Ubuntu 20.04 does not wake"

Does your laptop not have a power button/switch you can hold down to force a shutdown?

nope.................................................................... it does which doesn't work lol ( i use external keyboard)

My in-built keyboard buttons doesn't work. (which have power button) that also doesn't work. I have a pin hole button for emergency cases for recovery, bios, boot menu restart. I use that button. It can only start the laptop not switch off and that pin hole button only works when laptop isn't running any os.

that ignore laptop lid works for me


@337harvey @Aravisian Hello after a update this thing isn't working and I can't find any switch lid thing in settings.

If you wouldn't mind starting a new thread. In doing so, please provide your version of Zorin, machine specs and what your issue is in detail. We may be able to further assist you then.

I mean this is the same thread issue topic.................

Forgive me, i was in another topic and thought you had posted there... my mistake

oh I just made a new one lmao

Which version of Zorin are you using? Do you have ssd or hdd? The latter is important because if you find yourself unable to shutdown you can hold the power button for a few seconds and it will hard shutdown your system. Ok if it's ssd, harder on the drive if it's hdd.

The problem is that when I close the laptop lid and opens it again it doesn't show anything............. Black screen

What version of Zorin? It's different in lite and core. 15 vs 16. It matters.

The above was to give you info so you don't have to wait for the battery to die.

I cannot help you further without more details. It's like going to the mechanic and saying your car don't work without giving make, model and engine type. He won't be able to do anything either.

Edit: did it ever come back from suspension/ sleep? Has it always done this. Have you changed any configuration files in your customizations? Did you install battery applications(tlp) or management software(stacer)?

It's already mention in this thread but again here it's zorin os 16 core.

It's used to come back form suspension but now it doesn't. Yes I installed tlp..................

In Core, under settings, either display settings or battery there is a lid switch option and what it does (pull down for do nothing, sleep, shutdown or shut off screen).

In tlp under display you can also change these settings based on whether you are on ac or battery.

In settings, startup applications, you can check for the ignore lid switch extension and disable it.

I'm using kde and doing this mostly from memory of my gnome use, so forgive me if I'm not exact with where things are.

In the app menu, under system would you open the system update settings and access the other tab.... which driver is used for graphics (I'm guessing nvidia card)?

This is why i need more info. I'm shooting in the dark.

Edit: if you are using an nvidia card. Try changing from the 470 tested driver to the 495 driver (not server edition). I've read that this could be part of the issue.

What is confusing is your forum profile states you have "Lite".
Can you please edit your profile to indicate you now have Core. That will avoid us having to ask you each time. Thanks.

EDIT: Haha @Praveen seems to have editied his profile now to state "Lite, Core".
So we will still have to keep asking him which he is using (xfce, gnome). Such is life. :roll_eyes: