Zorin iz Zuper

I was always afraid to Linux based operating environments.It was like a Phobia but I decided overcome it and install Linux based operating system and start streaming on it. Love at first sight was on zorin os ,and it is really fantastic to work.


And may you always feel that way..


With MS forcing Win11 down people's throats by 2025, I suspect more people will be switching to Zorin OS and feeling the same way as you. What MS has been doing, and getting away with, is astoundingly awful. Eventually our government needs to step in and break MS's monopoly.

But one of the ways that everybody can do their part, is switching to Linux just like you, that goes a long way. Once MS realizes they can't continue the status quo and expect huge returns, they may go home and re-think their life. But for now, that obviously isn't going to happen.

I am glad that you really love Zorin OS 16 Core!


StarTreker, thank you man,

the state government in my country is a big supporter of Opensource platforms from 90s and 2000 , the IT education syllabus includes Linux applications mostly. so most of the new generation is familiar with Linux.

really man, but there are few problems with Davinci Resolve and Unreal engine but i think that's the problems with AMD
even, the system is really fast ,boot in 2 -3 seconds and the UI is very essay to navigate and above all i started loving the commands and Terminal.


i hope the same

thanks a lot for the replay


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