Zorin Lite 6.2 Boot error

Installing Lite 6.2 on an old Toshiba Satellite pro 460 from CD

EDD: Error code 2000
Reading Sector 330764
Uncompression Error

Is it a CD problem or the old laptop? - it passed the memory test. Is it viable?

Zorin Lite 6.2?
EDIT: I just looked up the specs on the old Satellite notebook you are installing on- which makse Zorin OS 6 Lite make sense.
The error you are getting means either a Bad Disk (CD) or bad burn to the disk.
I am assuming your source was:

Oh wow dude, I don't think your going to be successful even if you could install it. I also looked up your computer after Aravisian made a point of it. Pentium 1 166MHZ? Zorin OS 6.2 requires a 1GHZ dual core CPU and at least 2GB of RAM.

I'm afraid there is gonna be no OS in modern day that you can install on that machine. Those machines back in the day were rated for Windows 95. Unless your going for a pure nostalgia trip, those machines are useless today, they can't even utilize the internet.

Of course, I am meaning no offence by any means with my post, let me be perfectly clear on that. I am just stating the reality of fact, that its not going to happen.

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