Zorin lite Command list

Is there a command list cheat sheet specifically on Zorin OS? Preferably the lite version

Here are some good ones that apply to Zorin Core and Zorin Lite


Ones that I use a lot include:

sudo dpkg -i (PACKAGE-NAME.DEB)

to install a .deb package in a terminal opened in the directory holding that .deb package.

sudo apt remove --purge (PACKAGE-NAME)

To remove software

sudo apt --fix-broken install

To repair “held Broken Packages” or to help resolve missing dependencies.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a

To reconfigure a broken package.

sudo add-apt-repository (PPA GOES HERE)

To add a pp and to remove it:

sudo add-apt-repository --remove (PPA GOES HERE)

You can also use

sudo ppa-purge (PPA GOES HERE)

sudo sed -i (instructions go here)

To change values within a file
Most of the rest are covered in the links above (such as wget and chown), but among the Most used includes

sudo apt clean

sudo apt autoremove

These clean the APT cache and remove unnecessary packages. You can set any package to manually installed simply by typing it in with “sudo apt install” which will prevent it from being autoremoved by the “sudo apt autoremove”, later.

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Thank you so much mate.

You’re welcome. When it comes to Terminal commands, most use a list and no one has all commands memorized. The sheer raw power of many terminal commands are surprising and many, like dpkg, do not get used to their fuller potential by most users.
Many can be referenced by a web search, then pasted into a cheat list of your own making.
And please always feel free to ask here.

If you know you previously used a command you want to use again, but cannot quite remember, you can hit the Up Arrow on your keyboard in an open terminal to see the last command sent, and hit it again for the one before that, so on and so on through your entire bash history. I have had moments of whacking the Up arrow a hundred times, out of pure laziness if nothing else LOL.