Zorin lite lag after new install

Need a little help! I installed zorin os lite on my old Sony Vaio. Specs:
4gb ram
500gb hdd
Intel i3 2.7ghz
It previously had windows 8 and always had 100% disk usage and bsods. So I tried zorin os lite from a usb and it worked like a charm. Now I have installed it, it is lagging a lot. Memory usage is always near 43% and cpu at 100%.Each and every thing starts with a lag. It's getting unable to use This is my 1st time using Linux. Kindly help!

You can try this guide except step 1 :warning:DO NOT TRY STEP ONE :warning:

1.But be sure to try step 3 and 7

2.Try step 1 from this guide :point_down:

I think this will surely help to solve your issue

Thanks for your reply, but wouldn't preload hog more ram when I am having only 4gigs of ram. And regarding storage, I have 422 gb free out of 478gb.Tha main issue is memory, it's always at 43% and above (gnome occupying the most) .Isn't Zorin lite supposed to use less ram?

No, it just remembers your mostly used programs and launches them more fastly next time
see my preload ram usage

And just kill the gnome-software It's just the app store
and if you were me I would just uninstall gnome-software and use synaptic instead. Gnome-software is not perfect at this time and has a big memory leak and is laggy most of the time. if you are willing I will guide you to uninstall it and install a better alternative
can you share your autostart applications screenshot

Blue screen of death, ever thought there might be something wrong with your hardware ? Failing memory or hdd ?

I never saw a bsod since 2011 when my laptop had a faulty mainboard.

Well here u go.Yes, I will be very thankful if u help me with a trustworthy alternative to gnome. I installed preload and it does help in loading faster.

Btw Happy New Year !

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Maybe there is a fault with the hdd but it worked fine most of the times. The main problem with the windows8 was 100% disk usage. I ran windows disk checkups just before installing zorin but they found no error
And Happy New Year!

BSOD can also cause when there a faulty driver not specifically hardware issue

could you please guide me how to install synaptic?

it is not gnome desktop environment itself it is just gnome-software that helps you to install software etc.

To install synaptic a better alternative for the gnome software center run

sudo apt install synaptic

in terminal
You can now install and remove apps using the synaptic package manager and don't use gnome software because it uses more memory than synaptic

On Windows 95-XP i would agree with you, but since windows vista and up it's impossible.

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But When I was using windows 8.1 in 2019 there was a couple of BSOD happening and one driver was causing the issue but when I reinstalled it the problem is solved

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