Zorin Lite on thumb drive

I have installed Zorin Lite on a 64gig thumb drive using Rufus 4.0. I have also made sure is was in persistent mode. I have reloaded it twice. I went to install Winbind and completed. After the reboot I tried to install PlayonLinux and Winbind was not there. I also tried to change the desktop and after the reboot it was not saved. Is the Lite version able to be savable and install other software on a thumb drive?

I could be wrong but I don’t believe Zorin can be used in that manner.

theres an other simple way to do that, for that, u need 2 pendrives

in one pendrive copy the iso files using rufus

when u boot into zorin from that live usb, click on install zorin then select something else and then, put ur second (empty) pendrive in the usb slot and install zorin on that thumb drive

Is this what you're getting at?

Of if you prefer YouTube:

I will try the dual drives idea. i just got the thumb drive and am giving it a shot.

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