Zorin lite so fast: after-the-errors edition

Linux noob since around 2004, still am, but was then too

Zorin Lite 16.2 feedback

  • golly gosh fast
  • did i say fast?
  • reliably copied bios update to usb
  • auto-checks usb/iso integrity BEFORE install
  • only os (so far) that clearly indicates when to remove install USB
  • theme changes really easy - rocking black and purple
  • post-install updates creamy smooth
  • general linux security etc
  • fast

Cons (not really in order)

  • first download contained an error
  • would not install with 3rd party drivers, updates, or encrypted disc
  • install error "F1 to restart" option did not work
  • no app for dnscrypt installation - terminal instructions for advanced users only
  • general linux noobness eg formatting a USB to FAT two-step, not one
  • software app search does not find apps, just loops endlessly or really slowly comes up with incorrect results
  • no linux equivalent of sfc /scannow or dism?*

All of the above after about 16+ hours searching help files for Zorin, Ubuntu, Arch etc, via both Google and Searx. Am a journo, so my googlefu is strong, even if my technical game is weak (so weak), so I look for the simplest fixes.

Came back to Linux after inheriting a desktop with decent specs, unlike my old 4gb ram laptops that liked Zorin, but didn't like multiple tabs on Firefox.

Will retry install with encryption, but for now happy as a pig in fresh muck.

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Off the top of my head:

sudo apt install debsums && sudo debsums -sa

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when that happens, open the system monitor app (it's the linux alternative to windows' task manager), end the task called "gnome-software" and open the software app again, it fixes the issue for me

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Better, but still slooowww, or no results eg usb or dns. All good, searched "Software" on the software store and found KDE Discover. Gave it a go. Responds readily and in detail, so am a happy chappy again.


You also may need to update Flathub for the Flatpak apps in software to speed it up - even if this tip comes a bit late, it may help someone else out.

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yu bewt, whistled through, installed a whopping 166kb of updates, much appreciated.

yu bewt comment was directed at this, sorry ^

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Indeed, and in the interests of helping other noobs out, I searched up how to update, found this:

Copy these words only: flatpak update
Go to Zorin start (bottom left)
Type in "ter" for terminal
Click "terminal emulator"
Right click next to $ sign, paste "flatpak update"
Hit enter.
If you see a lot of bla-bla-bla press y key for yes, to accept update.

I got a "Nothing to do" so all systems goo.

KDE Discover looks interesting.

  1. How did you discover Discover?
  2. How did you install it?
  3. Did you need to configure it to work with Zorin repos?

I can't find it in either Synaptic or Software, and the KDE Discover webpage only offers a button to install Discover that only works if you have Discover already installed!?! (I'm probably missing something very obvious.)

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After official Zorin software store returned no search results (endless app loop), I went off on a software search stampede. Eventually came full circle, and just typed "software" into .. the official Zorin software store.

"Discover" was 7th result down.

Worked from the "Launch" click appearing.
As always, frequent updates, and the occasional upgrade, save a lot of hassle.

Zorin start
Ter (for terminal)
Terminal emulator
Type (or copy/paste):
sudo apt-get update

You'll get asked for your password.

All of above subject to more expert input and correction,
just sharing how a noob did it.

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