Zorin Logo Distortion

Hi all, a new Zorin user here. It's certainly not an issue, but wondering if anyone might be seeing a similar issue in 16 with the macOS-like layout. The "Z" logo is distorted, stretched, really.

Something I might be doing wrong?


Thanks for the help! :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have fractional scaling on? Did you change/ customize any of the icon sizes in the taskbar (even by click dragging)? Are you using a theme in conjuction with the Mac layout? Is this lite or core?


So I'm not sure about the fractional scaling. I did change the icon sizing for the desktop and the doc, but I'm not using any other theme.

This is core.

That was it @337harvey - the scaling. I have a 3840x2160 display on my laptop and I selected 200% for the scale. Setting that to 100% fixes the issue for the logo, though it does make everything much smaller. With that, I'll adjust the resolution on my screen.

Thanks for your help with this! :blush:

I have the same issue. Do I have to get the logo display correct have to run resolution or scale I don't want? Or how have you resolved this "adjusting resolution on screen"?

This issue seems to happen on X11 for me and not Wayland.

To fix this issue, first install Gnome Tweaks and Extensions.
Go to extensions and disable the extension that is enabling the Zorin logo.
Download and install this extension: Logo Menu - GNOME Shell Extensions
The logo should appear with the correct size. You can alter the size of the logo inside the extension settings to your liking.


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