Zorin logs into kodi de instead of os

So I was trying to install some dependencies for the zorin 15 kernel and had to step away from my computer while it was going on and the computer suspended. Now on reboot zorin boots to the login screen and when I enter my password it boots into "Kodi" and when I exit Kodi it pushes me back to the login screen.... Help.

Is this on Zorin OS 15 Ultimate?

No, just regular zorin. I'll get the ultimate if it'll fix this problem though.

No, no not at all.
I asked because I had thought that the Kodi Desktop was only included in The Ultimate version.
In tty or terminal can you run

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

Reboot and see if you can log in normally.

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It worked! I love you!

Well, you're a cheap date.


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