Zorin Menu not working

Hi all, this is a fairly new install of zorin 15.3. I am using the standard zorin menu. But these menu buttons on the side aren't working at all. I click them and nothing happens. Specifically "Home" to "Video". None of those work.

What is the output of ls?

Basically, these are just shortcuts to the Home and Video subfolder in Home.
If these folders exist, then try reinstalling your application menu package using synaptic. I’m on Lite, for me it is xfce4-zorinmenulite-plugin. For you it will be similar to “zorinmenu” but likely with “gnome” within that name instead of “xfce”.

@ktb92677 You have Z15.3 Core yes?
Do you have a shortcut to Home on your desktop?
Does that open Home?

I am wondering why user is just labelled "user" in your Zorin menu. Mine has my username there.

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ls does show those folders existing in ~

I just did a reinstall of the zorin menu and I am having the same problem.

I am on 15.3 lite.

Yes I do have a shortcut to home on my desktop and it does open just fine.

Also I just set my username to "user"

Can you please change your forum profile to say you are using "Lite" as it currently states you have "Core". That will assist support in the future. Thankyou.


You are seeing the same behavior on a fresh new install?
Is Home located on a separate partition?

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