Zorin Menu on Debian

Is it possible to install Zorin menu on other gnome DE? Like Debian, what is the requirement for installing menu extension?

You mean the Start Menu and the Taskbar? For that you can simply use the Gnome Extensions Arcmenu and Dash To Panel. That are ... how can I say that ... the Zorin unconfigured Versions. So, You are free to customize them. They deliver enough Options to do that. For the Installation, You can use the Gnome Extensions Website or the Extension Manager.

If you want exactly the Zorin Stuff ... Theoretically You could search in Zorin for the Files and copy them. But that shouldn't be so easy. Or You could try to add the Zorin PPA's. But that couldn't be a good Idea because there are for Ubuntu 22 and not for Debian. So, the free Extensions are the better Idea I think.


Thank you, @Ponce-De-Leon
I don't mean that, I just want to know if it is possible to install Zorin menu itself, I can use and customize those extensions well

I believe it will not be simple to make the Zorin Menu extension run on another distro.

ArcMenu is a more complete version of Zorin Menu.

It has more customization options. Manages to mimic the same appearance and has plus of being able to activate the "Runner", a dropdown menu similar to the one in pop_os to launch applications.

Even Zorin should incorporate this feature in the next updates.


Oh, this one? This is an old one what isn't maintained for a long Time. This even wasn't available on Zorin 16.


Extensions from the grave is going to haunt forever. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wanted to copy the latest version from the Zorin extensions' folder, I just pointed to that extension. :laughing: