Zorin menu very different to what menuLibre shows

The issue is trying to add applications that are on the system., but not in the Zorin menu.
One of them as a prime example being “app finder” which does not show in Zorin menu at all, despite it showing as being in the accessories menu in menuLibre.

The only way I could initially open app finder" was though the software centre, I have now pinned it to the panel menu across the bottom of the screen, so at least I can search within that for apps that do not show in the Zorin menu.

It occurs to me that menuLibre is not looking at the Zorin menu, but some other menu or location, if that was the case then it would explain why Zorin menu and menuLibre are so different in what they display.

Any help to get the applications added to the Zorin menu and sub menus would be most appriciated.

This is an odd one. App finder shows up right away in my menu as "Application Finder"

I prefer Alacarte over MenuLibre for most menu Editing.

To add applications to Zorin menu you have to open System Tools > Main Menu > select categories you want to add that contain the software you want to show. Usually the software you install already appear on one of the categories that are already on the menu but maybe some are still hidden. I like to add games shortcuts to desktop but sometimes the option misses so I can only add them to favorites (on taskbar) so I can understand the situation.

Yes I thought it strange as well. still first look at linux / unix in 30 plus years for me, and it was strange then when compared to CDOS.

As app finder was missing from Zorin menu and the app finder app as well on both my builds one on a PC and one on a laptop. I followed the same sequence on both, as I like them to be the same, so I thought it might be something in my customisations to both laptop and PC. So to prove a point I booted to the Zorin ISO again and this was the same, no app finder in Zorin menu or app finder itself.

I orignially downloaded the 16.2 lite 64 bit r1 both the sha 256 and the checksum tests passed so no issues with my balana etcher stick burn.

Very strange, I will try alacarte and see if that is accurate, if so I will stick with that as the menu editor

I’ve had a look but I can’t find “system tools”, I’ve got “system”, but all that is related to menu within this is menuLibre , I am using Zorin lite and XFCE, is this from Zorin core? I’ve also looked in app finder and can not find “sytem tools” or “main menu”
I will as per last post try alacarte to see if that actually reflects what is in the Zorin menu.

Oops I meant to say Yes I thought it strange as well. still my last look at linux / unix was 30 plus years ago and it was strange then when compared to CDOS.
So it's like a brand new start again for me. I had been with microsoft since win 3.x I think it was called a long long time ago.

I installed alacarte but that still showed “app finder” as being in the Zorin accessories menu, so I noted what the launch command was for “app finder” and then deleted it from the menu within alacarte. I then re-added it and this time it appeared in the Zorin accessories menu as it should do lastly I then added the search icon back to it and is as it should be now, so I have marked this as closed now.

Thanks for the assistance

This is what it should look like :point_down:

I said Main Menu because it's the exact translation of my Italian one (Menù principale) but I understand that you may not have found it, I noticed that there are some differences between English and Italian translation, sorry. And then I don't know how Lite is compared to Core. But I supposed that Lite had a function to customize main menu, its shortcut should be similar to mine from Core.

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