Zorin minimal install Lite

Hi, I am installing a Zorin Lite and would like to bring back the installed files and RAM usage to a minimum to only use the machine as a Internet Browsing machine.

My questions:

  • What are the basic programs that are required for a functional and upgradeble Zorin Lite, so which programms could be deinstalled? (I already deinstalled the basic programs such as libre office and games, but I only need a browser and updating Zorin)
    Other suggestions to strip the already small Zorin Lite install are welcome, for example, which is the fastest lightweighted privacy browser? (I now have Brave)
    Thanks in advance!

There is one browser in this list I would not touch, and that is Waterfox. The developer sold it to a data scraper. Falkon is good but can't cope with sites like Zorin forum.

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For a Browser LibreWolf (Firefox-based) could be an Option.

Because of Uninstalling ... When You kicked out the Basic Programs Your are already good. Now You could look which System Programs You don't need. For Example: When You say You don't need the Zorin OS Upgrader because You would install new Version manually You could delete them. Because I don't use Lite I don't know exacly what Programs it have.

i remember in other distro like openSUSE and red hat, there is an option that allow u to select the apps which u want it during the installation and there is a minimal option.
this option not allowed in ubuntu or Zorin during the installation, u can uninstall the apps which u don't need it ,by go to software-store, u will find all apps listed, u can check mark them and uninstall them in one time, and u can install any lite browser and you can use any app that make backup and save your new customize of Zorin

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for lite browser i recommend min browser, i like it's new ideas and different behavior. also no need to extensions , he has all things:


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