Zorin minimum install

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I recently reinstalled Zorin from a usb thumb drive. I had no issues at all. However I checked the minimum install check button and the installer installed a lot of Gnome games, gimp, LibreOffice and one or two other random programmes. Convinced I’d hit the wrong button I reinstalled the Minimum install only to get the same thing. Is this normal? Can I uninstall all the programmes I don’t want?

I tried a Minimal Installation and got different results. I may need to test it again, buit the quick answer is; Yes, you can remove any of the gnome games (I usually do), Gimp, LibreOffice without any trouble at all. You can use terminal, Synaptic or Software channel- If you want to ensure Complete Removal, Synaptic or Terminal is the best way to go.

In terminal:

sudo apt remove --purge

Or in Synaptic, mark for Complete Removal (including configuration files).

Thank you.