Zorin not booting up on LG gram 17 2021 model

I am having trouble running ZOrin os live USB on my LG gram 17Z90P model.
all arch based linux boots and installs but all ubuntu based linux are not booting up, Ubuntu 22 version does not boot saying out of memory. I know there is some setting in Bios i have to change but dont know which setting, so far I have disabled secure boot and platform manager is disabled. Anyone in similar situation with LG gram

If there is a raid array, it will have to be disassembled and rebuilt, this can cause many types of errors (usually disk not found though). If you have NVMe drives, they may need to be set to raid in order to work properly.

Depending on how new your hardware is, you may have to package newer firmware or even a newer kernel with the installer in order for zorin to recognize the hardware. Zorin is currently on the 15.4 kernel i believe. I know some of the arch kernels run nightlies or rolling distros, which gives you the latest kernel and firmware. Even Ubuntu is running 15.5 or 6 in 22/23. The installer is still on the 13 kernel if i remember correctly. Zorin 16.1 started with the 13 kernel and has since been upgraded through 15.4.

Would you mind giving a little more info regarding your machine (ram, drives, cpu, gpu)?

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Its intel 7 11th gen 16 Gb Ram 1 TB SSD, its 2021 version. So fairly new machine. and its USB booting up but then does not go any further. and bootloops

Can you please name all the OS it ran before?

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So its on windows 10 and dual booting to Manjaro, I also tried Garuda and KDE versions. but all arch based and none ubuntu based. i was very much interested to try Zorin OS version, as it looked amazing. but to no avail, USB shown boot screen and then does not proceed. tried adding pci=nommconf on grub menu by pressing E and then ctrl+x or F10. but it just bootloops

This may be a graphics issue.
The following guide covers not just Nvidia, but also AMD or Intel graphics if you have those:

I will try that but my error is more like out of memory. and then it bootloops

With 16 gigs?
4 gigs would be plenty, even.

In your BIOS, you might tap ctrl+alt+F7 (which is specific to your machine) to include the hidden advanced settings.
See if you have "Intel Advanced Menu"

EDIT: I just did some searching and found another user that said you need to remove all UEFI Secure Boot, not just disable secure boot. This may also be what is needed...:

I thought if i do that woindows wont boot, but yeah worth trying. I will do that and report back here, it says intel advanced menu in advanced setup. Also could you give me link where you dound this one. I have been searching ages and could not find this solution.

So I tried that also. after LIve USB showing up option i select zorin OS shows blank screen and boot loops.

Looking around:


It appears that you are not alone in this.

Similar to your Out of memory error:

Suggestions offered so far are
Disable Secure Boot and disable SGX in the BIOS / EFI settings.

Use the Open Source Nouveau driver instead of the Nvidia Driver (You mentioned not having Nvidia card...)