Zorin not detecting soundcard

i just started to use linux, i seriously know nothing about linux. but now i got a problem. zorin is not detecting headphones, and it sometimes make no sound or just noises, LOUD noises

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Please check your headset is correctly inserted.
If possible try another port.

You may also try restarting your system a couple of times.

Hope this helps.

Hi OddToast, are these wired or wireless headphones? Is the problem only with headphones? What is your sound card (make and model)?

wired, i am sorry but i don't know soundcards
like the brand of the headphone? the headphone is fine it works on my mobile just not on pc

What sort of headphones?
If wired 3.5mm jack or USB? or Bluetooth?

Is output from speakers working OK?

3.5mm jack
wdym output from speakers?

there is no other port for 3.5mm jack
i tried restarting but it haven't worked, still noises when i adjust the voice settings and no sound when i play videos

  • Is it a dual boot system alongside with Windows?
  • Status of Secure boot in BIOS?

no it's not dual boot system
when i was booting i haven't saw secure boot, where can i find it? legacy bios

You can enter BIOS using Del , F2 or F10 key during the boot time.
These specific keys can vary depending on your Model of your device.
You can take the below image as a reference or find it from your device's manual:

Secure boot generally located under Security tab in BIOS. But again it may be in different place depending on your BIOS layout.

when i find it do i turn it off?

Yes, turn it off. Save the changes in bios and then boot into Zorin and test your headphones.

if it doesn't work you are not invited to my bday party >:)

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secure boot is already disabled

Open a terminal (Menu | Utilities | Terminal) and enter:

sudo lshw -C sound

and post the results please.
(Note that when you enter any command starting with 'sudo' you will be asked for your login password to elevate you to root (administrator).

Please bear with. Just about to start my daily ablution!

alr i will be waiting for you

I mean does sound play correctly through the speakers?
Is it just headphones that is the problem?

Been searching for your soundchip from Intel and ubuntu 22.04 but to no avail.

Can you open terminal and install pavucontrol:

sudo apt install pavucontrol

Then follow the top answer on this askubuntu thread:

My only other comment is that sometimes jacks can get damaged over time (had this issue with a portable media player). As you also have HDMI as a sound source there could be a conflict as Zorin may be trying to obtain sound from both sources.
Make a .conf file to blacklist the HDMI source by following my guide here: