Zorin not shutting down ("Running a stop job ...")


Sometimes when I shutdown my PC, it stays on the shut down screen (the zorin logo glowing). And when I press F12 to see what is happening the last thing that is going on is "Running a stop job for Portmaster 5s/...) (it counts up). And it takes really long to shutdown or it just doesn't shutdown at all. I use portmaster to monitor my firewall and controlling certain applications so I don't want to uninstall it.

I searched the internet for answers but nobody seems to have the same problem with portmaster?

If I understand it correctly a stop job is to stop a program that is being active in the background. Is that correct?

I'm using the latest version of ZorinOS Core (17).

I just did a websearch "portmaster holding shutdown ubuntu" and found several issues of portmaster affecting shutdown e.g.

No definitive answer on this as it was resolves by re-installing the OS. But it's suggested here to look into the logs to see what's going on. By admission of one of the developers, this is an issue with Portmaster itself; I would suggest to bring this up to their attention even if it's a rare occurrence.

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