Zorin on a Macbook

Hi all,

i just installed Zorin Core on my Macbook retina 2017 and i really like it.
I'd love to keep this distro as a dual boot on my mac and thinking of getting the Pro version but there's a couple of important things which don't work and couldn't find a way to solve them.

  1. The keyboard backlights are off
  2. The touchpad right click doesn't work, i can only single click even when i press both fingers.

I'd be very grateful if someone had any idea on how to resolve these issues.

Thanks a lot.

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You may take a look here:

I use OpenRGB on a non-macbook to control lights.

Hi guys thanks a lot for your replies.

Ok, i got the backlight and the touchpad to work! For the touchpad i installed Tweaks and found the option to use the 2 fingers movement.

As for the backlight i have no idea how it happened lol... It wasn't working but then today i logged in and for some reason they do. I did try some commands found in searches but not sure what worked in the end (apologies to anyone looking for a solution). Hopefully it'll stay that way.

Now the only other main thing not working is the laptop speakers ( the audio form the headphones jack works).

But overall i'm very pleased with the os so far.

Thanks again.

Not working but can be worked around

  • Audio input & output

Use bluetooth headphones/speakers for audio as a workaround.

[Source: Ubuntu 20.04 Linux on mid-2017 MacBookPro worth reading]

Tried that but bluetooth doesn't work. I'll get a cheap pair of usb speakers, it's not a massive problem as this is not my main laptop. Thanks!

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