Zorin on Asus ‎C523NA-IH44F laptop?

Just ordered one for my elderly mother for half price, $100. Found out why it's so cheap. Google abandons it in June 2024. Meh, I'd rather have Zorin.

Celeron N3350

Edit. Just found out it can't be done with Apollo Lake chips. Going back.


Guess that's false. Many have run Linux on the celeron_n3350.


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It would appear that Asus Chromebooks ship with Debian?:


Runs Linux terminal in a VM and you can install apps.

  • Cameras aren't yet supported.
  • Android devices are supported over USB, but other devices aren't yet supported.
  • Android Emulators aren't yet supported.
  • Hardware acceleration isn't yet supported, including GPU and video decode.

Sending it back.

I honestly don't know why anyone would buy a Chromebook even if it lasts 5 yrs.

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