Zorin on Discord

Oh, I thought it had picked up on "m a d" as a bad word. The Hydrogen + Oxygen one is difficult to avoid at Christmas.

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(Hydrogen + Oxygen) x 3 = :santa:

New use for Hydrogen Peroxide. Santa's beard maybe.

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Zorin OS Unofficial Server Here is true link Zorin people.

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Opened this fail discord link cannot inside boot bios.

Your husband has taste, i love sushi too.


I split the thread from the original (possibly a spam) posting.
We can now discuss the merit/demerit of having Zorin on Discord (without getting annoyed by a perpetual dancing panda).

Talking of Spam:

Outside the US, Spam has a large international market, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

It has been a household name in Hawaii since it was introduced in 1937.

It can be found on menus across the islands, as Spam musubi - a sushi-like dish - Spam fried rice, and the popular breakfast - Spam, eggs, and rice.

Source: Spam sales in the UK hit a record high as people load up on foods in the pandemic  | Daily Mail Online

Dang. Deviation back to food again :shushing_face:

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I think I am now obliged to post this:


Just for my knowledge,

How do you guys and gall know which is ok. All I see is a bunch of letters and numbers?

I ventured out for those two sites myself (kids, do not try this at home!)
You need to add a prefix for web address, which I removed intentionally.

OK, but still if you add the prefixes, I can't tell the difference.
Is there a way to tell/see in advance, if this is fake?

It's a good thing you warn us about this. I saw it from start it was posted, but waited for response from others to see if it was alright to use.

But still

You must go there to confirm.
Not just by looking.

I have a testing machine for such purpose.
Hence my comment: Kids, do not try this at home.

You'd better not to access such suspicious sites with your production machine.

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Haha, you got me there, I was always a kid who was eager to find things out.

But you what they say, questioning/eagerness leads to knowledge.

(Or perhaps a broken/frozen pc):grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Or dead cats.


Here is proof.

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I have trouble enough keeping up with the forum. Don't need Discord exploding my phone, too...


I agree if using one the best idea. To much could be a headache. I will quit from there.

Now is better out from all linux channels. :slight_smile:

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I reading also forum with a couple people is better because you can more control what is going on here.

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