Zorin on T2 Macs

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I have general feedback regarding Zorin OS and particularly its installation process.

On the home page of the website, Zorin claims to be a good replacement for Windows and MacOS (which I do think it is!)

In 2018, Apple has introduced the T2 Security Chip for its macs, using one myself it was a challenge to understand how to install any Linux distribution on my laptop. Thanks to the folks at https://t2linux.org, most everything just works. The T2 Linux folks even have custom ISOs for some distributions (the main ones...) that make the process of installing Linux on a MacBook almost painless--without the ISOs, you end up having to plug in an external keyboard and mouse during install, while getting their custom kernel, with no wifi working at first.

I really appreciate Zorin's attention to detail when it comes to its design structure, and my feedback is this:

Why not offer a special, custom ISO of Zorin OS that includes the work the T2 Linux folks have done (and open-sourced on GitHub) for those like me who own a Mac that was released between 2018 and the switch to Apple Silicon? Surely if Zorin claims to be a replacement for MacOS, and claims simplicity as an element of its design, then doing so would be helpful to many. I don't know of any other distribution that really does this, but one that has the focus Zorin does, would maybe push people to switch away from MacOS and get into Linux.
I have the knowledge to get it working without a custom ISO, but some people might not want to go through the hassle, especially as it requires a USB-C dongle that connects an external keyboard and mouse, the whole wi-fi shenanigan, etc.

Anyway, thanks for reading this tirade.


Good points raised! Zorin could also come up with their own catchphrase for a Mac .iso ... "Think Better ... not differently!" :wink:

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