ZORIN on windows router network

So i finally got my Zorin laptop to appear on my windows based routed LAN.however i keep getting "windows cannot acess \insert username"

this is where im stuck at now.any and all help having access to my zorin folders on my windows pc would be great

You need to allow sharing of folders. I suggest you use Public on both Windows and GNU/Linux for sharing and security:

When you click on 'share this folder' you will be prompted to install 'samba' which is needed to share with Windows.

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what version of Zorin is this? i dont hove this theme so that optiuon doesnt exist; im on 'Zorin OS 16.2,Codename: focal'

Same in VM:

My VM was updating so could not install samba until now:

If you don't require passwords - only share non-sensitive stuff, do as per picture. Once sharing of folder is enabled you will see 'share' icon above the folder.

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