Zorin onscreen keyboard doesn't scale on 200%

I've installed ZorinOS on my Surface Go 2 and it's pretty great! But since it is a smaller screen it's more fitting to have the screen at 200%, unfortunately the onscreen keyboard doesn't scale with it the virtual keyboard go partially out of the screen.

Are there any fixes to this?

It doesn't change keyboard to the norwegian one as well when my system is set to Norwegian (Nynorsk)

the keyboard scale when I turn the screen around actually!

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Will this guide help?

My issue seems to have been present in popOS as well. The gnome 200% scaling affecting gnome tweaks or similar affecting the font thing of the on screen keyboard in a bad way.

maybe I should report a bug? IDK how that is done for Zorin.

Another issue is that the touch stuff isn't set up correctly. I had do adjust it so I can use touch to drag and scroll and pinch to zoom.

but this is irrelevant now as the new zorinOS is out. I should just install that one and see if these issues are fixed there.

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