Zorin or ubuntu or linux with h aeo 13?

is anyone using zorin or ubuntu with hp pavilion aero 13? is it smooth? what is the battery backup? is the performance good?

Relying on the specifications from a Thurrot review, the computer should perform well using either Zorin 16 Core or Ubuntu 20.04, and the difference between the two will probably be negligible, since Zorin 16 Core is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and both Zorin 16 Core and Ubuntu 20.04 use the Gnome desktop.

To give you an idea what to expect, you might look at the "[RULES OF THUMB] Will my computer run Zorin OS". The HP Pavilion Areo 13's specifications are not low-end, but the tutorial will give you an idea about how performance under either Zorin 16 Core or Ubuntu 20.04 is likely to compare to the computer's performance under Windows.

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thank you for replying !
1)how much do you think a 53 watt battery lasts with zorin os?
2) any specific brand of laptops which will give good support with linux( in terms of battery). actually i live in india here, linux brands generally don't sell there laptops. dell used to sell these but nowadays every laptop comes with windows pre-installed very few are DOS. so guide please!!

I don't know. With my Dell Latitude, I normally get about 8 hours of run time on Windows 11 and about 6 hours of run time on Solus OS Budgie. That's about 75%. The Latitude has a 60 mAh rating, which is just a bit more than your 53 mAh laptop. So I'd see how much run time you get on Windows with your laptop, and figure on about 75% of that ...

As far as I know, one brand is as good as another, although obvious factors (CPU/GPU power requirements, screen size and brightness, and other things) make a difference.

The Linux kernel doesn't handle power management as well as Windows, and there is very little that manufacturers can to do fine tune for Linux. The Linux kernel has been adding technology (in cooperation with Intel and AMD) to lessen the difference in power management capability, but the difference remains.

ohh.. ok thanks a lot ! you helped me a lot i thought there might be a huge battery difference like 50% or something according to some answers i saw on internet but they were old answers. so,thanks

Windows does manage Battery usage and drain better than Linux.
It's now a Two Trillion dollar company with 180,000 employees, not including Contractors.
That said, yes, Linux has improved on battery metering a lot in recent years.
To say it is 50% of Windows is absurd.

well thank you for clearing my doubt!