Zorin or ubuntu or linux with h aeo 13?

is anyone using zorin or ubuntu with hp pavilion aero 13? is it smooth? what is the battery backup? is the performance good?

thank you for replying !
1)how much do you think a 53 watt battery lasts with zorin os?
2) any specific brand of laptops which will give good support with linux( in terms of battery). actually i live in india here, linux brands generally don't sell there laptops. dell used to sell these but nowadays every laptop comes with windows pre-installed very few are DOS. so guide please!!

ohh.. ok thanks a lot ! you helped me a lot i thought there might be a huge battery difference like 50% or something according to some answers i saw on internet but they were old answers. so,thanks

Windows does manage Battery usage and drain better than Linux.
It's now a Two Trillion dollar company with 180,000 employees, not including Contractors.
That said, yes, Linux has improved on battery metering a lot in recent years.
To say it is 50% of Windows is absurd.

well thank you for clearing my doubt!

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