Zorin Os 15.3 installation crashing

Hi there,

I was using Zorin 12 core earlier on my machine and I had to format it cause my kids wanted windows. Got them a laptop and now I tried installing Zorin 15.3 Core. Try mode works good and fine without any issues. But when I go for the installation I get a message Installer crashed. I’ve tried installing Zorin lite it works but face issues with the graphics resolution. It’s an old pc core2duo with 3gigs ram and with ssd 128.

Looking for a solution.


@Phil_79 Hi and welcome to the Forum.
A few questions to start:
Did you check the SHA256 checksum for the downloaded Zorin 15.3 Core iso before creating your installation media?
Are you installing from DVD or USB, also can you tell us the exact error message you get?
If from USB, which bootable media creation tool did you use?
Are you just installing Zorin on its own or dual-boot with Windows?
Sometimes the problem is associated with a particular USB pen drive, even if this works in "Try Zorin mode".

In the meantime these items may help: