Zorin-OS-15.3-Lite-32-bit.iso have not bootia32.efi file inside efi/boot folder so,i cannot install on a x32 bit system.Any idea's...

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Did you download Lite 32bit from the official source Download - Zorin OS
Did you check the SHA256 of the downloaded .iso with the value posted there?

As far as know this is the first time this problem has been reported.

EDIT 18/10/23: Z15.3Lite 32bit .iso no longer seems to be on the zorin.com website.

I have a Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5 10.1 inch Convertible Notebook PC (Intel Atom Z3735F x64 based processor, 1.33GHz, 2GB RAM, 64GB memory, Windows 8.1,but x32 bit uefi).I want to install Zorin OS Lite X32,because I think Zorin OS is a great os.Unfortunatly,there not bootia32.efi file,so i cannot install it.I insert in live usb the missing file,i get to boot like live boot medium,but is impossible to install,give me error after 60% .This is my dilema :sob:

Perhaps the ZorinGroup @AZorin @zorink may review why this is; but in the meantime, here is the file you can download and place in the extracted .iso, then re-wrap your .iso:

@carol We would recommend you to use Zorin OS 16 which added support for 64bit systems with 32bit UEFI


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