Zorin OS 16.1 Laptop wont wake from sleep

Hi there, today i decided to install zorin os on my dell 15 5515 laptop. I put the laptop to sleep through zorin and now the laptop will not wake again. Holding the power button yields no results and the charger indicating light stays off even when plugged in. Chrome remote desktop reports the laptop as in a "Zombie State" making me believe zorin has trapped it in some buggy deep sleep state. Any suggestions as i would rather not have to disassemble the laptop to manually unplug and reconnect the battery.

On my 5379 all I have to do is hold the power button down for 4 seconds and it WILL shut down.

Thanks for the suggestion but i have tried holding for up to a minute to no avail, resources on the internet suggest the battery might have to be unplugged to properly power cycle hence i was hoping for other troubleshooting suggestions prior to disassembly.

I have the same laptop and am not suffering this at all..

Holding the power should either turn the laptop off or reboot it regardless of whatever OS in on the laptop. There is no OS that I know that interferes with the power button.

I also avoid using sleep on either Windows or Linux as it seems to be prone to problems on either system with tons of complaints unless I'm on battery.

Also what kernel are you running? I'm running 5.13

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