Zorin os 16.1 wifi connected but no Internet

My ThinkPad Laptop with Zorin OS 16.1 Lite stop connecting to Internet. The wifi is successful connected but the browser alarm no Internet.
I'm use to Zorin as my first choice of Os but this one puzzled me . No youtube video could help . I have only a single laptop now with only Zorin Os installed. Any help ...this is urgent.

Do you get any response when you run:

ping -c 7 google.com

You are using 16.1 but 16.3 is the latest for Z-Lite. Upgrade to 16.3 might fix this.

The response I get is ping :google.com: Name or Service not known.
My entire computer is not connecting to internet ... how will I upgrade?

What are your ipv4 and ipv6 configuration?

And share the output of

nmcli dev status


sudo lshw -C network

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