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When I buy Zorin OS 16 Pro, do I have to buy Zorin OS 17 or just keep upgrading for free? So do I only need to buy one version of Zorin OS and I can keep upgrading to the latest Zorin OS without paying?

Each major release requires development and structure.
The Point Releases are included in the development cycle. But each Version Development Cycle must have its development costs covered.
After-all, you wouldn't work for free, nor expect that once you have been paid a wage for a job, that you keep working that job with no further wages.
You would not expect to buy a 2019 model car, then be able to upgrade for free to the 2022 model, without buying it.

Some Large Companies use your Data to sell to marketers in order to offer you the product without directly paying for it.
Zorin OS does not take or mine or sell any of your data.

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Perfect! Now is there a way to roll
Over my information from the previous Zorin to the new Zorin?

There are many ways and you can find which ways work best for you.
Have a look at this thread:

In your case, you would need to skip the first section on repositories, and instead search out the Next Release Repos that you need and add them. Then, follow the second section to install you current software all at once.

Some software may need to follow different steps - such as anything you built from source.
And you will want to ensure you back up your saved configurations from your Home Directory and move that over to the new install.

Please keep in mind that a next release will be based on a later version which may not have support for older packages.
For example, Zorin OS 15 was based on Ubuntu 18.04 - Bionic Beaver.
Zorin OS 16 was based on Ubuntu 18.04 - Focal Fossa.
If you have installed packages from Bionic that the developer of those packages (Independent Non-Zorin Developers) have abandoned, no longer maintain of have not yet upgraded to Focal Repositories, you may not be able to roll them over to the next Release of Zorin OS.
The terminal will notify you if this happens with a warning:
"Warning: PPA does not contain a Focal Release File"
If you see that warning, you know that the package is not upgraded to the Focal Repository.
Sometimes, you can still install it by installing the .deb package as long as all dependencies are met.

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