Zorin os 16.3 does not see/show usb drive

Plugged SSD-USB adapter into USB port (yes, it works... the same port that was used to install Zorin OS 16.3 Pro);
Get audio "jingle" when plugged in. Accessories>files>other... no dice
PLEASE don't tell me I need to go to the DOS Command Prompt window (aka "terminal", "console") and enter a litany of coded, format-critical codes/letters... every time I plug a USB drive in!! argh!! thought those days were long since behind us. (fka 286 Vesa local bus, "plug-and-pray" vs. "plug-and play)

fwiw, after innumerable searches and useless links, no, this is not a usb WiFi,
no, I am not interested in reformatting the zorin install usb drive...
only want to plug it in and access the data (ntfs)

No, you do not.
Plugging in a USB should result in it appearing as an available drive in the File Manager.

Is the USB stick formatted as NTFS?

Ensure that the ntfs-3g package is installed on Zorin:
Please open a terminal and run

sudo apt install --reinstall ntfs-3g

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Right-click the programs bar and select Zorin Appearance, then go to the Desktop side-tab and select Icons on Desktop, then below that select Mounted Volumes.

You should see the mounted volumes on your desktop... it may be that you're just losing them in the clutter of Nautilus.

You can also start up Nautilus (file manager), go to Other Locations > Computer > Mnt, and you should see the mounted USB drive in that folder.


Solution!! Opened PC housing, disconnected CD/ROM drive, connected SSD instead, reboot... Bingo!!
Only wanted to move my 200GB+ .flac files from original win10 SSD)
Really wasn't looking forward to camping-out in front of PC to re-rip my collection.
dunno... "FM", I guess.
thanks for the time/tips
...now if I can just figgur out how to change the desktop time/region... set Warsaw, Poland @ install... ended up with Hungarian calendar (Budapest/Warsaw are same time zone... most definitely different language) English(US) would be nice...

You can begin a new thread on that issue. :slight_smile:

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