Zorin os 16.3 lite to 17 lite

Hello, Iam using zorin os 16.3 lite version, but can I upgrade it to zorin os 17 lite versions without any data loss?? like windows. I know the 17 lite versions are coming soon. Also is there a zorin os discord server? Thanks!

Yes, with the upgrader tool:


I see you realise that Z17 Lite is still in development and not yet announced.

You would be wise to backup your data before using the upgrader tool, just in case problems are encountered during the upgrade process.


Gday @Rafin , Welcome to the community!

Yes the "Upgrader" is now available, just like (windows)
As you know unfortunately, Zorin OS 17 Lite, has not been released as of yet.
But, Yes you will be able to upgrade direct.

Please keep watching the Blog page,
& your email to know when Zorin OS 17 Lite is released.

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