Zorin os 16 and lite feedback

Hi, I am user of zorin since 1 year before zorin 16 I use zorin 15 it's too good but when i upgrade to zorin 16.1 i don't know what zorin developers do it has the lot of bugs then i move to zorin OS 16.1 lite it has the same number of bugs like freezing icons disappear, one main problem I found I have 4 GB of ram in my laptop whenever I open 3 to 4 tabs in Firefox my laptop totally freeze and stuck need to forcefully shut down my laptop same problem found in both version i don't know seriously I hate zorin 16 windows is far better than this seriously I miss zorin 15 too light and fast. I think I will move to Windows 10 but still confuse, I hope zorin developers will fix this issue. You can check in this pic few time refresh, mostly icons disappear in zorin OS 16.1 lite

Freezing, sluggishness and displaced desktop icons - I would honestly perform a clean wipe and reinstall at that one.

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Seriously I did this but nothing work still same … just few improvements nothing more :frowning:

Which kernel are you currently on:

uname -a

Can you show us Neofetch:

sudo apt install neofetch


I just want to say zorin OS 16.1 lite is far better than zorin 16 elite. it is a clear differnce between gnome(too heavy) and xfce (too light)

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In fairness, Zorin 16.1 Lite is XFCE.
I see Nvidia 5400M listed... which Nvidia Driver are you using?

I don't know which driver I am using, but I attach this pic, I hope you get your answer

You are using the Open Source (Nouveau) driver. That should work... but have you tried the offered 390?