Zorin OS 16 Beta Bugreport Video ZorinMenu, Foldername Shadows, Loginscreen Logo

reporting on some of the experienced issues.

  1. Startmenu toggle
  2. Foldername shadows
  3. Performance (lowest performance from the distros I've tested so far. Becomes laggy and laptop fans are starting out frequently)
  4. Blurry Zorin Login-Screen Logo on hidpi displays

I Installed it in german because I'm planning to integrate Zorin as the main OS in a company with mainly german employees. I'm also reporting bugs with the usecases of the people there in the back of my head. For my own usage for example i wouldnt have a problem with the bug in the startmenu because I'm not using the startmenu like this.

hope that is some kind of contribution towards development.


This has been noted by others, since prior to Zorin 16, too. Rather than being a True Toggle Button, the menu button acts like a Drop Down Menu.
This can be changed in the Arc Menu or Zorin OS menu extension, I believe. I mean in the code, not in the settings.

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