Zorin OS 16 Beta login screen bug

Hello I'm using Zorin OS 16 beta core
When I change my desktop background it's changed truly but my lock screen is the mountain and didn't change
can someone help me to fix that and use my own lock screen background???

This is part of the reason that I prefer LightDM over GDM3.
I find GDM3 to be baulky and too controlling.

let me see

I was do that but in the end the application doesn't open!!!
I run it from terminal too:

What application does not open?

you send a link to me in the link actually we install and open the gdm background application
when I run it nothing happend and when I run it from terminal I see this:

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Thanks for the screenshot. I believe it is because it is looking for Ubuntu GDM theme, rather than Zorin GDM theme.

Changing the Background Image in GDM requires changing the files within the Zorin Gnome Theme.

It might be easier on you to do as I do and replace GDM3 with LightDM. If you would like to try LightDM instead of trying to hack GDM, you can install:

sudo apt install lightdm

Follow the prompts given in the terminal to replace GDM3 with LigthDM.
Then install the LightDM GUI settings manager for Easy Configuration of LightDM:

sudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

Once installed, the application will appear in your Zorin Menu as Lightdm-Gtk-Greeter-Settings. You can open the app menu and type "light" to make it appear in the search.

sorry for that but I hate lightdm

this is so bad bug in Zorin OS 16 beta

I hope they was fixed

I understand. I hate GDM. The beauty of Linux is the availability of Diversity.
This is not a bug, however. This is Design. And... It is part of why I hate GDM, it is difficult to configure.
If you look in /usr/share/themes and explore the Zorin Themes, you should see "gnome-shell" in each theme directory. The .css file in the theme you are using is the one you would need to alter to redirect the url to the new login background you wish to change.

You may start a thread addressed to the Zorin Group in Feedback forum, requesting that the GDM Background be more adaptable.