Zorin os 16 bug

when i install an app from the software store (flatpak) it doesn't appear in the zorin menu unless i restart, and i don't think it will be very user friendly to restart after installing an app (flatpak app) from the store.
i hope it will be fixed soon

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I don't think that this happens in Feren, why in Zorin?

The updater popped up showing some Zorin OS updates today, 22 July (CST) that included:
Changes for gnome-shell-extension-zorin-menu versions:
Version 3.3.2:

  • Fixed issue where menu did not update after first flatpak

It appears that you have been heard. :wink:


We all know they check the forum... if only @AZorin would interact a little more. I understand professionalism, but they could be a little more laid back and interact some... their professionalism borders on ocd level.

At least they see and incorporate suggestions... more than what some other distros do

As long as they only do it when I ain't misbehavin'.


one of the biggest reasons why i like Zorin OS the team behind it is just amazing

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I somehow don't care about their interaction that much. As long as there are signs that Zorin OS is not an abandoned ship I'm fine.

Contrary to what you think, I care very much.

I have been using Linux over 10 years and saw numerous projects disappeared in front of my eyes. In most cases, the problem stems out of a small size of the developer team.

Sometimes there is only one individual doing everything. The former CrunchBung is one example. The developer changed his mind and switched to OSX (then Windows, I heard). Naturally, it was the end of the project.

Then there is an unfortunate demise of the main developers. Peppermint OS and Puppy Linux came to my mind.

Life is way more transient than one would think. You will understand it when you get my age :wink:


Well yeah I'm pretty new to Linux. My opinion might change in some years idk :sweat_smile:

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Of course it will. I can guarantee that.

Important thing is making yourself involved in a Linux community which is exactly what you are doing right now :slight_smile:

By doing so, you will learn a lot from other Linux users.


This is a fundamental difference between corporate and community support.
Most people using Windows do not feel concern that Windows will not be there in a few years.
But with community supported projects, a good project can lose developer support for a variety of reasons.
The upside of this, however, is that it also motivates further community support when an app user steps up to fill the gap.